Why Habits are Important in our lives ?

Habits are the cornerstone of our lives. Therefore, if we want to improve how we live, understanding our habits and working to improve them is an exceptionally helpful pursuit. Your life is, of course, more than this – you have fears, emotions, passions, and relationships that exist outside of habits.

 Therefore, viewing your life as a collection of habits is a good perspective to have. There are 2 main reasons for this – it is an accurate perspective, and it is a perspective that puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. Life as a collection of habits is accurate. What we habitually do is, for the most part, who we are. It is rare that we make large changes in thought or action; on the whole, our lives are on autopilot. This might seem slightly negative on first blush, but think how differently you are living today from yesterday, how different this week is from your last, this month from the last. For most of us, there is little change.

  However, repeated actions or “habits” seem to be the reality of the lives we live. Life as a collection of habits puts you in the driver’s seat. Typically, habits get a bad reputation. We often associate “habits” as “bad habits” before “good habits” – to smoking and binge eating, rather than exercise and reading before bed. Despite this, viewing life as a collection of habits is positive, because habits are repeated actions, and actions come under the scope of our self-control. Although for the majority of us habits are picked up accidentally as much as they are deliberate, the fact remains that we are all able to change our habits because they are actions that we perform.

 As a result, Habits are the reality of our lives, and if we choose to take more control of them than we have in the past, we can direct our lives and improve them. Understanding how to change our habits must become our priority