How to Build a study Habit ?

Build a study Habit

 One of the main reasons students don’t get good grades is simple: they don’t have the study habit. Being able to regularly make yourself sit down and learn the necessary material is an essential part of becoming a great student. Both when you study and the length of time you study for should be as regular and routine as possible. This will make the habit of studying easier to begin and sustain over time. Working at the same time every day is the best way to do this, e.g., between 7 and 9 every morning. (This time works well as it is before classes.) Of course, your study time will depend on the courses you are taking and your other commitments.

Working at set times every day will help build the habit of studying. There will be less urge to procrastinate and do unimportant tasks because you know when you should be working and when you shouldn’t. Eventually it will actually take more willpower not to study at these times because you will subconsciously expect to be utilizing your study time.