Hello, guys, today’s topic is how to use WhatsApp without number. In this article, NewViralTricks provide a very simple method for use WhatsApp without number. This method is very simple and easy. With the help of this tricks, you can easily create WhatsApp account without phone number. Nowadays Whatsapp is a very popular instant messaging app. A lot of people install Whatsapp every day in their phones. With the help of the Whatsapp app, you can stay in contact with your friends who keep away from you. Whatsapp is totally free app. WhatsApp almost released for all platform like Android, iPhone, Java, Blackberry and etc.

use whatsapp without number

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the developer of WhatsApp increase security of WhatsApp day by day. Now WhatsApp is planning to add WhatsApp Pay feature in WhatsApp App. With the help of this feature, you can easily transfer money to others. This is the very interesting feature of WhatsApp. But this feature available in only beta version.

whatsapp without number

Do you know WhatsApp now comes under facebook? Facebook bought Whatsapp for about $ 19 billion in 2014. In today’s time, everyone uses the Whatsapp app because you can send unlimited SMS daily via Whatsapp. And you can also send photos, videos and your documents. So without wasting time let’s talk about how to use WhatsApp without number.

How To Use WhatsApp Without Number

There are lots of methods but I will tell you best 2 method, from which you can easily use WhatsApp without number. With these methods, you also get USA number for WhatsApp.

1. First method using TextNow App

In the first method, we have to download the TextNow app and install it. If you do not want to download the TextNow app, you can also use its web version. You can easily create an account in TextNow it’s free of cost. If you have any problem related to sign-up you can contact me.

  1. First Download and install TextNow in your SmartPhone. Android / iOS
  2. For Android
    TextNow - free text + calls
    TextNow - free text + calls
    For iOS
    Developer: Enflick, Inc.
    Price: Free+
  3. After install open TextNow app and Click on Sign-up and create your TextNow Account
  4. how to use whatsapp without number whatsapp without numbercreate whatsapp account without phone
  5. Now Note Down Your TextNow Phone Number
  6. whatsapp verification code generator
  7. Now Download WhatsApp App from Playstore and install It. (If you already Install Skip this step)
  8. After Install WhatsApp in your SmartPhone Open WhatsApp.
  9. Now enter the number that you got from TextNow App.
  10. usa number for whatsapp
  11. Hit the verify button in the Whatsapp.
  12. Open the TextNow App and open Inbox. Now you get OTP from WhatsApp
  13. Enter the OTP in WhatsApp
  14. That’s it you have successfully verified Your TextNow number with your WhatsApp without entering your phone number.

2. Second Method Using Primo App

Primo is alternative of TextNow app. Both apps are providing the free virtual number. The most special thing is that of Prima, Primo gives you USA number for WhatsApp. After TextNow Primo is my favorite app if I want USA number for WhatsApp. Not only Whatsapp, you can also sign-up in Facebook. So without wasting your time let’s start how to get USA Number for WhatsApp.

  1. first, you need to Download Primo App. Android / iOS
  2. For Android
    Developer: Primo.me
    Price: Free+
    For iOS
    Primo Connect
    Primo Connect
    Price: Free+
  3. After Installing You have to create the account in Primo app and verify your email address.
  4. Now click on Activate
  5. whatsapp registration
  6. and then click on buy
  7. how to use whatsapp without number
  8. This your USA number for WhatsApp
  9. usa number for whatsapp.
  10. Open WhatsApp and your Primo Virtual Phone number. and click on next button.
  11. Now you receive OTP in your Primo App inbox (If you can’t receive OTP then go to your WhatsApp and click on call me)
  12. You get OTP after few seconds.

Final Words:

I Hope this tutorial guides you in the best ways to Use WhatsApp Without Number. If you use the second method you can also get USA number for WhatsApp for free. Now I think you understand better How to create WhatsApp account without phone. If you still have any doubt related to how to use whatsapp without number Then you can tell in below comment box. If you like this article then please share it with your friends.


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