How to Success with Habits !!

As you know Habits Take Time and Effort to Change

So it is an Opportunity, not a Problem It is exceptionally difficult to change habits, and this probably isn’t a surprise to you. I’m sure you’ve tried to start going to the gym, or eat healthier, or call your parents more, and found it difficult to make it stick. Changing habits is difficult – we all know this. However, many people see this as a problem, a difficulty, and an unfair, annoying part of life. And this is certainly one way to look at it. A better way, however, is to see this as an excellent opportunity for improving your life and safeguarding the progress you do make.

   Just Imagine that creating a habit is like climbing over a wall. On one side is your current negative habit, and on the other side is the positive habit you want to have. Many of us bemoan the wall and think about how annoying it is that we have to climb it. A better perspective would be to see the wall as protection once we climb over it. Once the new habit is instilled, and you are on the other side of the wall, the wall of “habit” will protect you, and everything influencing you to not perform the positive habit will be diminished.

Do you think people who eat a healthy, nutritious diet for six months find it hard to keep eating that way? No, of course they don’t. If you put a cake in front of them, if it isn’t part of their diet, they aren’t going to want to eat it. Indeed, it would take significantly more willpower for them to eat the cake than not to eat it. This is because they have performed the habit for so long that they are aware of all the rewards, and they identify as being someone who completes the habit. The “wall” of habit, therefore, protects them.

  See the walls of habit as something that will protect your behaviour and enable you to effortlessly do the right things. Yes, it is going to take time and willpower to get over the walls and change your habits. However, once you are over the wall, consider yourself safe. Barring any interruption and significant influence, it will be easy to keep going to the gym, to eat healthy, to sleep better, to socialize more, to do more at work, to read more – anything that you want to make a habit, it will feel easy.

   The analogy of changing a habit being like climbing a wall and that wall being the protection is worth remembering. Imagine that the wall protects you from outside influences, your emotional desires, your ego, etc. Everything that can influence you to change is protected against by that wall. Also, over time imagine that that wall will get a little higher. If you eat healthily for 6 years instead of 6 months, the power of habit is going to make it even harder for you to stop, and so there will be a higher wall that protects you from stopping the habit.