Hello friends, welcome to NewViralTricks again.  In this article, I will tell you how to root Android phone without PC/Computer. There are lots of methods to root your Android phone, But in today I will tell you the best method, with the help of which you can easily root your Android phone. New Android phones are being launched every day and the method of rooting for all the phones are different. So today we will tell you all the ways that you can root all the phones if you still can not get your phone root, you can comment below.

How to root android

If you want to control your entire phone then you will have to root your phone. There is also plenty of Advantage to root and also many disadvantages of Android phone. you will finish your phone’s guarantee and warranty after the root access and You can uninstall any preloaded apps in your phone after root access.

What is Root?

The company gives you some limitations when you buy a new Android phone. Due to those limitations, you can not make any other changes to your Android phone. Just like you can not change Rom and can’t uninstall preloaded apps. When you gain root access, you can customize your Android device according to yours. If we take an example of a computer, then if you have login in the administrator then you can do any kind of modification. If you are login as a guest login then you can do some limited work. Likewise, if you gain root access in your Android device then you can do modification according to your own. There are some disadvantages to rooting the Android device and some benefits too.

Disadvantages of Rooting

  • It can brick your device
  • Tweaking risks
  • Update problems
  • Avoid guarantee and warranty

Advantages of Rooting

  • Install Custom ROMs
  • Uninstall pre-installed OEM apps
  • CPU Clocking
  • Install all incompatible apps
  • Ad-blocker for all apps
  • backing up your android devices
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How To Root Android Without PC

Now it is not so difficult to root any Android device. Earlier, we could only root an Android phone from the PC/Computer but now you will find so many rooting apps online. In this article, I will tell you How To Root Android Without PC and Which app is the best for you. So without wasting time let’s talk about How To Root Android Phone.

Few things before rooting

  • Phone must be at least 50% charged
  • First back-up your data
  • Now Enable USB Debugging option (Go to setting>Developer option>Enable USB Debugging)
  • Now Download any app from below list.

Best Apps To Root Your Android Devices

1. Framaroot

Well, there are lots of Android rooting apps but Framaroot is my favorite app because Framaroot installs super SU. There are so many apps that just ask for permission only for Super SU if you have rooted your phone with Kingroot or any other rooting app, then you will not be able to allow some apps access to root privilege.


how to root android

How To Root Using FramaRoot

  • First Download and Install  Click Here
  • Now Open FramaRoot app and Select Install Super SU and Click on Barahir                root master                   supersu root
  • You have successfully Root your Android device                                                            root android without pc
  • Now Reboot your Android Device.

2. KingRoot

Kingroot is best one-click android root apps for all android phones. this root can work on almost all devices from android 2.0.0 – 7.0.0. With KingRoot, you can root your Android device in one click and you can unroot in one click without any problem.


how to root android

How To Root Android using Kingroot apps

  • First Download and Install KingRoot App  Click Here 
  • Open KingRoot App and swipe up, Now Click on Try IT.
  • Now Kingroot is checking your phone’s root status. If your device is not rooted then click on TRY ROOT.
  • After this, it will take some time and your device will be rooted.

3. KingoRoot

KingoRoot is my third best rooting app. KingoRoop App is available for both Windows and Android platforms. If you have a computer then you can also root your Android phone from the computer. You can enhance the performance of your Android phone by rooting from the KingoRoot.


how to root android

How To Root android With KingoRoot

  • First backup your Data
  • Download and Install Kingoroot APK Click Here
  • Open KingoRoot App and Click on One Click Root
  • It will ask you for a permission to install superUser. Click On Install Anyway
  • Now Your Android Smartphone is Rooted.

4. iRoot

iRoot is very simple and one click android rooting app. If you root your phone for the first time then iRoot will be best for you because the interface of iroot is very simple and iRoot is one click rooting app. You can uninstall all the preloaded apps from your phone by rooting with iRoot. iRoot is trusted rooting app.


how to root android

How to root android using iRoot

  • Download and Install iRoot APK Click Here
  • Open iRoot App and Click on Root Your Device.
  • Now Your Device is Rooted

How To Root Android Phone With Computer

If you are not able to root your phone even after using the above Android application, you have to use the computer. Dr. Fone is the best rooting software for Android with PC. With Dr. Fone you can do a lot of work, you can root your Android phone. You can recover your deleted data. If you’ve forgotten your phone’s lock screen, you can easily unlock it too.

how to root android

How To Root Android Using Dr. Phone Software

  • First Download and Install Dr. Fone Softwear in PC/Computer  Click Here
    • Now Open Dr. Fone software in your laptop and click on RootHow-To-root-android-with-pc
  • Connect your android phone with Your laptop and wait for Connecting
  • Now click on Start and wait for few seconds                   
  • Click On Root Now and wait                              root master apk
  • Congratulation Your Device is now Rooted.
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Final Words:

Now I hope that your device has been rooted. If you still can not root your Android Device, you can tell me in the comment box below. Rooting the Android phone can maximize your phone’s battery life, wifi can hack, install Custom Roms and much more. This article was all about How To Root Android.


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