How to create, Daily Habits, Weekly Habits, Monthly Habits?

What is a habit ?

    As you know, A habit is anything that you do consistently, something that has become easier for you to do than it is not to do. And so, there are habits that can be done daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, bi-weekly, or anything and everything in between. Simply put, anything that occurs consistently can be considered a habit. The habit might not even be tied to a specific timeframe; for example, it might be that whenever you visit your friend, you go to the same restaurant. I am going to focus on explaining habits in relation to set time-periods, for example, daily or weekly habits, because this is a straightforward way to make changes to your life, your business, and help you meet your goals. Below are some ideas on how daily and weekly habits compare to each other.

Daily Habits

Daily habits are typically the hardest to initially change but are then the easiest to keep in place. You need to put in that willpower every day to make the change, but because you perform the habit so regularly, there is little time for other influences to take you off-track. Daily habits are straightforward and can also be calming, again, simply due to their consistency. They are the best way to increase your sense of control and self-esteem in your own life, so start here if you are starting from scratch in building a collection of habits.

Weekly Habits

 Weekly habits allow for significantly more variety than daily habits. There are seven times as long for you to fit in the actions you want, so there is more flexibility in creating your habits and finding time to fit them all in. Over the space of a week, you should be able to build in habits that fulfill all areas of your life. This is the great strength of creating habits over this time scale. The above pros and cons should give you a sense of the differences between creating habits in different time periods – consider them when you are deciding how to build your habits. Ultimately a balance of habits that are daily, weekly, monthly, and everything in between will probably be best.