Do People Affect Your Habits?

In this article were going to explain how People Affect our Habits, The people you surround yourself with are going to have a massive impact on your habits. “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with” is an oft-cited idea in the personal development community, and it is very true. Oftentimes the “trigger” that causes us to perform a habit is related to other people, for example, the habit “when my I go to the bar with my friend, I drink my favorite beer.” Here, there is clearly a social element to the habit of drinking my favorite beer. The reality will often be more complicated than this. For example, if my friend never drinks alcohol, the influence he will have on me at the bar will not be to drink my favorite beer, so if I am trying to stop drinking alcohol it will actually be helpful to go to the bar with him rather than a friend who does drink alcohol. However, if he always has alcohol when he goes to a bar and always drinks with me, my friend’s influence is probably going to be part of the trigger that pushes me toward having that beer. Consider carefully what influences the people around you have as triggers for a habit.

If you want to add a new habit into your life, it is incredibly helpful to socialize with people who already have this habit in place. Completing the habit together is another way to consolidate the behavior change. If you have a friend who gets up at 6 AM and goes to the gym every day, ask if you can join her. She already has the habit in place, so you can lean on her habit strength by exercising with her.

   Another way you can use others to build a habit is to make yourself accountable to them. For example, you might tell a friend you will give him 10 dollars whenever you have a cigarette. This accountability and social influence will help you to stop the habit of smoking. Of course, you can also combine techniques. This might mean the friend who gets up at 6 AM and goes to the gym every day becomes your gym buddy and the accountability buddy – you go to the gym together, and if you don’t go you promise to give him 10 dollars. If you want to cut down or cut out a bad habit, looking at the people who influence you and act as part of the trigger is an important place to start.